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I began to develop an interest in Alternative and Complimentary therapies in 2004. I could see first-hand the benefits of natural healing when raising my five children, particularly one child with a chronic on-going condition and another with Dyslexia.

Research and reading around the topic of natural healing, made me aware of the existence of important energies in the body and how Chakras, Meridians and Auric Fields play a vital role in maintaining the health of body, mind and spirit.

I started to study Anatomy & Physiology and realised how much I loved to learn how the body works! I then progressed to studying Reflexology, which built on my foundation of Anatomy & Physiology. The more I studied the more I wanted to explore deeper into this kind of work.

Almost all of us suffer from some kind of stress in our lives. Holding on to stress is the problem and this can cause blockages in our systems which threaten our physical and mental health.
Bio Energy therapy connects mind and body. Unifying the mental, physical and emotional elements, can treat this stress.

The Dawson Program is a fascinating treatment to experience. It focuses on treating the root cause of problems in the body, not the symptoms. It corrects by identifying the 28 electrical frequencies
of the human body by using the clients own sub-conscious mind. These corrections are accomplished without drugs but by an ancient form of sound techniques.

The Dawson Program is a life changing treatment and I feel so blessed that I am now a trained therapist. It is wonderful feeling to experience the joy of seeing clients restore balance in body, mind and spirit.