Energy Fields

The 3 Electrical Fields & Kundqlini Energy

The Electrical Energy Fields

We all have electrical energy fields which support our physical bodies. These are the auric fields, chakras and meridian energy pathways. Within this also exists the kundalini energy which is part of but also connects the three electrical energy fields.  

Auric Fields
What are Auric fields and how they work

Auric Fields are the body’s seven protective communicative energy fields that circulate around the body.

The Auric Fields are the body’s protection mechanism, and identify danger fields.

They provide comfort to the subconscious that if any danger or anxiety appears it will be detected for example if malfunctioning, a person may be anxious or accident prone or open to illness. It is also a means of communication with others.

They form part of the symmetry of the energy framework.


The significance of Auric Fields

Auric fields have specific frequencies and operating distance from the body and come into existence at the first breath except for the Kundalini.

First Auric Field:

The Kundalini. Is Present in the unfertilised egg. Has direction from the Sacrum. The Kundalini winds around the spine from the root chakra to the crown.

Second Auric Field:

Skin and bone fascia. The correct position is top to bottom. May be reversed. Assists in control of fluid direction in body (reflux issues).

Third Auric Field:

12.8cm(5inches) from the body. Detects harmful substances.

Fourth Auric Field:

89.6cm(3 feet) away from the body.Personal space.

Fifth Auric Field:

586m(640 yards)away from the body. Danger( eg. enemies hiding behind a hill or a car coming around a corner).

Sixth Auric Field:


Seventh Auric Field:

Universe. Infinity.


The Basics

The interpretation of the chakras involves an understanding of the ancient Yogic view of the body. This view is not limited to flesh and blood, but extends to the subtle body, the energy body. The chakras have links to the physical body, especially the endocrine system, and coincide with neural networks emanating from the spinal column.

Energy (prana in Sanscrit, the ancient sacred language of south Asia) is believed to flow through-out the human body. The three main energy channels (nadis) intersect with one another at seven main points known as chakras.

Chakras are 7 Major energy centres where energy enters the body. The root and crown come into existence at conception however the other 5 do not appear until a number of weeks later.

Each chakra has an individual frequency, distance, body entry and exit position and emotional content.

Minor Chakras are the exiting energy sources. The energy taken in by the chakras is used then dissipated, relieved, balanced, and exits the body by the 28 minor chakras.

Each major chakra has a front and back entry point apart from the crown and root.

Colours of the chakras correspond with the colours of the rainbow.

Chakras energise the meridians which provide life force to each cell.

It is seen as the aura of different colours that vary according to the energy used and the emotions felt at the time, as well as many other factors.

The Dawson Program corrective sound therapy can clear all 7 Chakras, 28 Minor Chakras, 14 Meridians and 7 Auric Fields therefore putting the body back into functioning at its optimal level.


Sahasrara, the crown chakra, or nirvana chakra, is depicted by a full-blossomed lotus flower. This is the point at which the physical body is transcended, and is beyond awareness, in a state of pure being. It is found in the crown of the head in the body.


Ajna is the energy center of the third eye, or the guru chakra. It is located in the forehead between the eyes and is asso-ciated with the mind through self-realization, self-knowledge and wisdom.


Vishudda, meaning purity, is associated with the throat area of the body and deals with knowledge, discrimination, humility and expression of being. Communication, within oneself, and with others is related to this chakra


Anahata is where the sound of OM, the vibration of the universe, is heard. This chakra is associated with compassion, hope and love, and is found at or near the heart. The energy of passion and compassion emanate from this area of the body.


Manipura is the intuition chakra, and is located at the solar plexus, or center chest, of the body.The word is translated as “jewel city” and is associated with will-power and self-control.This center is related to an awareness or sense of self.


Svadhisthana, the navel chakra or Hara center, is the origin of movement. It is the center for emotion, creativity and sexual energy. It is associated with all bodily fluids and the absorption of nutrients on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Muladhara is the base chakra, and is located in the peri-neum, the area between the genitals and the anus. Concerns about basic survival; food, shelter, personal safety and money are located in the base chakra. This area is linked to the dense parts of the body, as well as reproduction and elimination. It is also a source of abundant energy.


Meridians are energy lines that pass through the body,(see Acupuncture Charts). They are usually named after the major organ they flow through. However their physical effects are generally unrelated to that organ and can be wide ranging.

There are 14 Meridians in the human body. The Meridian Structure is activated at conception.

12 are bi- lateral meaning they are on both sides of the body. A meridian will usually fail on one side only. In western society the meridians most likely to fail are kidney, spleen, heart, lung, and large Intestine.

The Meridians are one of the three energy systems that need to function at optimal frequency for the body to function at its best. The energy spirals in through the 7 Chakra System and on its way down it filters into the Meridians which then feeds the organs and cells.

A blocked Meridian puts pressure on the remaining Meridian to feed the organ or cell for that meridian .ie heart Meridians are in both left and right arm. If one heart meridian is blocked the pressure to feed energy to the heart is resting on the second heart meridian and when that gets to much the Heart will demand energy from other meridians which puts extra pressure on those organs.

Meridian Malfunctions

People we are close to can affect us on a day to day basis even though we are not involved in their particular emotional issue. Meridians can carry trauma or negative emotions and if that is so will block the meridian from functioning at its optimal level.

A Dawson program sound correction can clear the meridian, chakra or auric field and the body can return to functioning at its very best.

Kundalini Energy

The Kundalini holds a very special position and function in relation to the 28 individual electromagnetic frequencies. It is the key that connects the 3 electrical energy systems.

It is important to note that the Kundalini is the first of the 7 Auric fields BUT it exists prior to the other 6 Auric fields.

The Kundalini is a gradient of energy frequencies that exists in every egg and seed before fertilisation and is the central core of energy within the unfertilised egg.

This gradient of energy in animals, positions the top of the head and the tip of the tail in the egg.

The Kundalini thereby forms the basis of the framework for all cell growth.

The Meridians are formed around the Kundalini but are not energised until conception.

At conception the Chakras Appear, giving the supply of life energy to the Meridians and the developing cells.

At first breath the Chakra’s supply life energy to the six other Auric Fields.

Failure, particularly of the Kundalini, causes body distortion and underlying anxiety.