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I have worked in the holistic and beauty industry for 20 years. I managed my own holistic & beauty salon for 16 yrs. This allowed me to build a great rapport with my clients and to be a listening ear as many clients shared their health concerns and personal issues with me. As they searched for solutions to improve the quality of life, I also realised the stressful lives that people were leading were creating more health issues.

I was always drawn to all things in alternative and complementary health from a young age. This developed more after the birth of my two boys in 2009 and 2010. I had a huge passion and a burning desire to help my clients and my family from the inside out.

I guess the light bulb moment for me was when I took my boy to a Dawson Program practitioner and when she told me he would have been dyslexic if I hadn’t brought him fora correction is what lead me to be like a dog with a bone. I was curious to find out what else this program could do. After having my own personal treatment of the Dawson Program I can now identify the difference in my body and the changes after the correction. I knew I had to study this program to help other people out there.

I bring all of my knowledge together from the Dawson Program, Reflexology, Massage, Bio Energy, Sound Therapy and Homeopathy to bring the best out in my clients and it gives me great pleasure helping people strengthen their weaknesses.