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I come from a farming background and was also very involved in people/sales so my knowledge of people is a life based on observing people in all walks of life.

I met my friend and life partner Jevgenija in 2012 and watched her improve her knowledge of healing over many years It was only in 2018 when I had a near death experience. (I was attacked by a cow on my own farm and left for dead, sheer willpower got me up and I was fortunate enough to get myself some help). It was in my recovery that I decided to apply myself to giving back something in exchange for my life. So with my partner Jevgenija, we sourced The Bio Energy Academy, (Gemma & Helen) and I am the proud owner of a Bio Energy diploma Certificate, Qualifying in 2018/2019.

During this wonderful year of study, I acquired knowledge of Chakras, Meridians & Auric fields with my curiosity building each month. So it was with great excitement that Jevgenija and I started the Study of The Dawson Program Corrective Sound Therapy. I am delighted to say that I am now a qualified registered practitioner of this marvellous program. 2019/2020. I am now ready to give back to God and the Universe for saving my life and giving me a chance to use my energy to heal other people of the physical, emotional and mental issues we all acquire as we go through life. This is now my passion and belief.