The Dawson Program Dublin Corrective Sound Therapy


An Overview of The Dawson Program Corrective Sound Therapy

Cameron Dawson spent over 30 years researching and rediscovering ancient knowledge regarding healing methods related to our bodies 3 Energy/Electrical systems. His legacy is a program (or protocol) which, if followed, produces remarkably predictable results. The program is sometimes referred to as VIBRATIONAL (for sound) KINESIOLOGY (for muscle testing).

“The Dawson Program views the human body as a naturally self-creating, self-correcting system when given the opportunity to do so. The Dawson Program does not diagnose any specific condition but rather seeks to initiate the return of the body to its optimum condition of wellbeing through the correction of its electrical (energy) systems. The innate intelligence residing in all humans and animals will undertake the consequent return to health.” Cameron Dawson.

The Dawson Program focuses on treating the root cause of problems, not the symptoms.